Israel – A World Leader in Healthcare

Healthcare in Israel is founded on the philosophy that everyone is entitled to superior treatment at an affordable cost.

Israel's high standards in healthcare services, top-of-the-line medical resources, ultra-modern hospitals and healthcare facilities, a high density of world-renowned physicians, and a very high specialist-patient ratio makes the Israeli healthcare system one of the most advanced and innovative anywhere in the world. Israel's global reputation as a healthcare leader in various fields of medicine is unquestionable.

The Jewish people have been among the most influential world leaders in medicine since the creation of the medical profession. Since the establishment of the Jewish State, Israel has developed a world leading healthcare system.

Israel has earned international reputation for high quality healthcare and state-of-the-art medical facilities. Today, Israel is the world leader in medical and health-related innovations that have contributed to the advancement of patient care worldwide. Its medical tech and biotech industries are among the most advanced in the world.

The winning collaboration of medical research institutions and industry, has bridged the gap between basic and applied science. The most up-to-date research and development extracted from the country's universities and research institutes coupled with the rapid progress made by medical manufacturers has proven unequivocal success, and allow Israeli doctors to be the first to use novel technologies for the benefit of their patients.

Israel's academic and teaching institutions are universally recognized for their high levels of achievement and for the exemplary training of its doctors. Israel today, has one of the world's highest percentage of doctors on a per capita basis.

Israel has close network of state-of-the-art hospitals and medical centers ranking among the most advanced in the world. This medical infrastructure and expertise, enables foreign patients to receive the best possible treatments, comparable only to those in the US or Switzerland, at a significant lower cost without any reduction in the quality of service. 


Medical Tourism

Israel has become a major destination and world leader in complicated procedures and treatments including cardiac surgeries, oncology and cancer treatments, neurosurgery, bone marrow transplants, dental implants, and plastic and aesthetic surgeries.

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IVF Treatments in Israel

Israel is market leader in advanced breakthroughs in IVF treatments, and its leading IVF centers are considered to be among the best in the world. 

Opting for fertility treatments in Israel, means receiving the most effective, professional and fruitful treatments available to date.

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