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In the past 20 years, China has begun to decentralize its exclusively government-run public healthcare system and opened for private and foreign ownership. Most recently, the Chinese government has substantially relaxed foreign ownership requirements and regulatory controls to boost the capacity and capability of healthcare services in the country. By the end of this decade, healthcare spending in China will surpass $ 1 trillion.

CWC provides successful strategies that include choosing the right partners, and sources opportunities for foreign investors and suppliers to become part of this $1 trillion market in the making.

The rising wealth and discernment of China’s middle and upper classes creates an exponential demand in private healthcare. These segments of the population will desire private clinics that focus on treatments of chronic conditions that require regular patient visits, such as dialysis and chemotherapy, or treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes, and centers that provide conception and pregnancy services, such as in-vitro fertilization.

The National Plan for Healthcare Services, released by the Chinese Government in 2014, encourages establishing privately owned hospitals, including foreign invested hospitals, to relieve the pressure of Chinese public. CWC can source, advice and implement investment, acquisition, construction, and management of private clinics and hospitals supplying this demand.

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The biggest demand for investment opportunities in private healthcare facilities are currently in the following segments:

Oncology: Water and air pollution have contributed to 22% of all newly diagnosed cancers worldwide being in China. Today, 27% of all cancer deaths occur in China. With a large portion of the country still being in the developing phase, China urgently requires early detection capabilities and treatment services. Connect with one of our experts in oncology

Ob/Gyn: The recently introduced 2-child policy (for some regions) will create a massive demand for OB/Gyn services, in particular IVF treatments. Connect with one of our experts in Ob/Gyn

Cardiology: Diabetes rates in China are among the highest in the world due to a rapid change of nutrition following Western food chains in large cities, leading to cardiologic diseases. Connect with one of our experts for cardiology or diabetes

Pediatrics: China has over 240 million children between the ages of 0-14. Rapid urbanization will lead to enormous pressure on public hospitals. Connect with one of our experts in pediatrics

Geriatrics and neurological diseases: With 130 million people over the age of 65, and the world’s highest rates in dementia and AD, China need a response to the rapidly increasing demand of long-term care facilities, geriatrics institutions, and elderly homes. Especially the middle and upper classes of China will be on the look-out for private facilities for their aging family members. Connect with one of our experts in neurology or geriatrics

Aesthetics Medicine: Serving a high-end clientele, private facilities for cosmetic medicine, plastic surgery and aesthetic dentistry will have to respond to an estimated yearly growth rate of over 15% in treatments. China will soon outpace the predominant markets of aesthetic medicine Japan and Korea. Connect with one of our experts in aesthetic medicine

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