CWC Strategy

China has become a key contributor to absolute value growth in global revenues of the healthcare industry. CWC advises pharmaceutical and medical device companies on market entry strategies and broadening of market share, sourcing of manufacturing facilities and distribution platforms, support of SFDA approvals and regulatory issues, as well as facilitation of clinical trials in China. CWC has developed a broad understanding of the health care sector in China and its unique institutional structure, market dynamics, and business and regulatory challenges, to advise its clients on project investments and market development strategies.

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Medical Companies

The exponentially rising demand for better healthcare opens enormous market opportunities for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Unmet needs, an aging society, the adoption of Western lifestyles and pollution leading to chronic diseases, continue to be a major driver of healthcare spending in China. By 2020, the market is expected to surpass US$ 300 billion.

On an operational level, CWC can navigate through the often cumbersome Chinese bureaucracy, identify partners that will help fulfill all regulatory obligations, obtain SFDA approvals, source local manufacturing capabilities, establish nation-wide distribution networks, and help to compete in unfamiliar territories.  

The comprehensive CWC model for market entries enables our clients to receive SFDA approval quickly and launch their products country-wide.

On a marketing level, our clients will benefit from all CWC Divisions resources creating an integrative network of medical societies, public and private hospitals, leading medical universities, medical companies, Key-Opinion-Leaders, and open and closed databases of medical doctors, supporting product launches, enhancing brand awareness and broadening of market share.


Medical Societies

CWC advises international PCOs and medical associations on exporting scientific meetings to China, sources suppliers, introduces local hosts, facilitates Chinese CME approval applications and consults on regulatory compliance issues.


Foreign Expertise

In China, CWC provides solutions to healthcare facilities seeking foreign experts to advice on healthcare infrastructure and design, hospital management, and medical information management. 

CWC can introduce foreign clinics and healthcare institutions for transnational partnership programs, scientific exchanges and foreign expert consultation. 

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