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Israel is a powerhouse for medical innovation. Its unique landscape of medical entrepreneurship can provide state-of-the-art solutions for the rapidly transforming and developing healthcare market of China. Having the resources on both sides, CWC Israel connects the most suitable partners between Israel and China.

Israeli government programs and a deeply rooted sense of “Tikun Olam” – “Bringing improvement to the world”, a concept in Judaism that addresses a responsibility to heal and repair the world for the better of the society at large, have created a unique ecosystem in Israel ideal for medical innovation and life sciences.

Life Sciences represent about 50% of Israeli civilian research activities in its 7 universities, 10 research institutes and 5 medical schools. Israel has one of the highest concentrations of scientists per capita (145 per 10,000). One of every three Israeli scientists specialized in life sciences, which is the world’s highest per capita ratio.

In average 60-70 new healthcare companies founded annually, contribute to significant growth, record investment amounts with interest from new investors mainly from China and the Far East, increased number of companies in advanced stages of clinical trials, the highest number of successful IPOs of Israeli life sciences companies on the NASDAQ, three record years for life sciences exits in total dollars amount as well as an emergence of a prominent sub sector of Health IT and digital Health.


Read the full Life Sciences 2015 Report by IATI - the Israel Advanced Technologies Industries


CWC and its partners have a comprehensive network and familiarity with Israel’s medical academia, the healthcare industry and government, which is based on close personal relationships and a long history of experience in the field.  As such, CWC provides our Chinese clients with tailor-made investment opportunities, establishment of joint-ventures, scientific exchange and relations.

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