Medical Tourism

Israel's rising popularity as a destination for MT originates from its dynamic tourist attractions, high quality and safe medical procedures and leading doctors, all of which continue to evolve, advancing its successful medical services.

In 2014, the Medical Tourism Index (MTI) ranked Israel highly as third in a list of top destinations for medical treatment around the world. Israel uses the most modern techniques for medical practice through the incorporation of advanced screening techniques, laboratory analysis, and individualized treatment. In addition, Israel’s industry, pioneering in the production and development of bio-medical devices.

Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is an easily accessible destination to access from many countries of the world.  The beaches of Israel are among the finest in the world and enjoyed by patients who stay for post-operative care, who simultaneously can enjoy their vacationing period and save money on their medical care.

Medical successes in Israel, such as success rates for IVF (In-vitro fertilization) are significantly higher (25-30%) than global averages for procedures of this type and performed at a fraction of the cost than most other countries. Cardiac surgery is another main branch of medicine that attracts tourists to receive care in Israel with many successful bypass surgeries performed. In addition, a large proportion of Israel’s medical tourists come for various cancer treatments.

Israel is known as a country that is focused on health and wellness. The Dead Sea, a natural water source is rich with unique mineral salts, known to have miraculous healing properties to treat a multitude of conditions that range from eczema to rheumatoid arthritis.


Israel is a world leader in complicated procedures and treatments including cardiac surgeries, oncology and cancer treatments, neurosurgery, bone marrow transplants, dental implants, and plastic and aesthetic surgeries. CWC is your partner in the entire process providing you tailor-made options for a stress-free, safe and result-driven treatment. 


Israel is a leader in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery. With the most advanced technology, state-of-the-art facilities and treatments, Israel offers excellent standards of medical care and innovative leading procedures equal to the world's best and unique to the country.

Preventive Medicine

Disease prevention and health promotion are at the forefront of Israel's medical approach.

CWC offers a variety of speedy and effective medical examination packages for people who want to maintain their health in an efficient manner. 


With fertility success rates beyond the global average, international esteem for its remarkable fertilization treatment achievements and honest and fair procedural costs, Israel has become a popular destination for innumerable couples looking to find their fertility solution. Read more 


Israel has a wide reputation for having the best technology and high success rates for many oncology procedures. Oncology centers throughout the country specialize in using advanced treatments for successfully treating a wide range of malignancies. 

New approaches in Chemotherapy

The oncology centers in Israel provide effective, modern, high quality chemotherapy treatments. The treatments include also new biological treatments, with new medications, especially in breast, gastric and colon cancer.

Advanced Radiotherapy

The radiotherapy units are the leading units of its kind in Israel and in the world. They use the most advanced radiotherapy technologies, such as IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy), offering maximum radiation of the tumor and minimum damage to healthy cells, successful treatments are provided to hundreds of patients.

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